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LeAnne is an author & speaker who empowers spiritually hungry Christians to explore the Bible for themselves, discovering God’s truth to unleash exponential growth.

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Praying the Names of God (Devotional & Journal)

God is the Creator of the heavens and the earth, the Alpha and the Omega, the all-loving, forgiving Father and the Great I Am.  Praying the Names of God takes the many names given to God and makes them personal through heartfelt prayers accompanied by the scriptures where these names of God are found. Inspired by the beloved classic, The Wonderful Names of Our Wonderful Lord, this brand-new book will lead you to a deeper faith in the one true Lord.

I would definitely give this as a gift to new Christians who may be struggling on how to develop a practice of prayer or struggle with how to pray.

Amazon Reviewer

Many pages caused me to tear up because they matched my thoughts.

Amazon Reviewer

Excellent prayers that really got to the point being made in each one.

Penny Walker

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