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LeAnne is an author & speaker who empowers spiritually hungry Christians to explore the Bible for themselves, discovering God’s truth to unleash exponential growth.

Discover LeAnne's Latest Book

God’s Name is a Tower

LeAnne’s first children’s book is delightfully deep. God’s Name is a Tower is a sing-song book introducing little ones to our great big God. Through rhythmic verse and whimsical illustrations, children will learn about the character of God and find that He is Shepherd and Judge, Redeemer and King, Creator, Provider, our Everything!

Based on Proverbs 18:10, “The name of the Lord is a strong tower, the righteous runs into it and is safe,” God’s Name is a Tower instills strong Biblical truths in the hearts and minds of readers and listeners alike.

Children will request God's Name is a Tower to be read over and over, being drawn in by the sing-song rhyming pattern. Parents will gladly oblige, knowing that the text is rooted in Scripture and teaches children a lesson about the power of God's love and provision.

Dr. Karin J. Keith
Department Chair, Curriculum and Instruction, East Tennessee State University

LeAnne Blackmore's new book, God's Name is a Tower, is a gift to parents and children. . . . God's Name is a Tower is rooted in Scripture and declares the goodnesss of God and God's love for us. The beautiful poetry flows directly out of God's Word and makes these timeless truths accessible to children right when they most need to learn of God's love.

Ethan Magness
Senior Minister at First Christian Church, Johnson City, TN

We must do what we can to make the intent of the written words come alive. In her new book, God's Name is a Tower, LeAnne Blackmore is doing just that . . . making the Written Word come alive. What a grand and novel idea to present the character of God in a sing-song format so that these young minds will enjoy the process of learning about the character of God in a way that makes sense to them and in a way that they will be able to easily commit these truths to memory. 

Jerry Williams
School Chancellor for Providence Academy, Johnson City, TN

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