“What took so long?”

The unspoken question penetrated the silence of the hut–desperately seeking an answer.

Extreme Makeover

We’re in the middle of a home renovation. But before we can fully move in, several things must take place:

  • concrete needs to be poured for the garage floor
  • the hot water heater needs to be connected
  • tile flooring must be laid
  • toilets and a shower have to be installed
  • cabinets need to be built


Then there’s…countertops, drywall, painting, lighting, appliances, touch-up, clean-up, and actually moving furniture into the space.



And we have 8 days.

Ty Pennington might be able to pull it off, but I doubt we’ll meet the deadline.

(I know we won’t meet the budget–but that’s another story…yikes!)

An Anxious Mind

I woke up at 4:39 a.m. today. That’s not typical. I’m a sleeper–a great sleeper! But at 4:39, my preoccupied, anxious mind could no longer hold back the deluge of thoughts.

When are they going to remove the backsplash?

I think the tile guy should do the work before the cabinet guy.

How in the world is the cabinet guy going to get the work done when the cabinets are sitting on the screened-in porch?

I wonder if the electrician can pull the wiring to the other wall in the kitchen? 

Were those shingles okay or did they look a little funky. Oh boy…what if the entire roof needs to be repaired?!??

I thought we’d be farther along than this by now!

What’s taking so long?

The last question hung in the air like a lead balloon, and I felt its weight land squarely on my heart.


You see, I’ve been taking a course this semester called Perspectives. And it’s shifting mine.

The full title of the class is Perspectives on the World Christian Movement. It’s 15 weeks of intense training in missions and God’s heart for the nations. The first five weeks focused on missions from a Biblical Perspective. Then we spent four weeks studying the Historical Perspective. These past two weeks have focused on Cultural Perspectives, and we’ll round out the final sessions with Strategic Perspectives. Along with several hours of reading, quizzes, and a final project, we attend weekly seminars where various speakers share their expertise and experience with us. And these speakers have been phenomenal.

Last week, a man recounted his work in Papau New Guinea as a Bible Translator. He and his wife spent years with the Duna people, learning their language, creating its written form, and translating the Bible into that language for the tribe.


We sat mesmerized as he explained how this process unfolded, and how “God’s Carvings,” as they called it, brought spiritual freedom for thousands of Duna people.

What Took So Long?

As he ended his time with us, our speaker (the Bible translator) shared one last story. Prefacing, he explained that the Duna place a high value on “saving face” and would never do anything to embarrass one another. Making sure we understood this value, he continued.

My translation assistant (a Danu tribesman) and I were sitting together one day, working in my hut. It was obvious he was thinking about something, as he became quite pensive. Looking me in the eye he very quietly asked, “Did your father have God’s Carvings?”

 “Why yes! My father had God’s Carvings.” I quickly responded.

He countered with silence.

After some time, he asked another question. “Did your father’s father have God’s Carvings?”

“Yes. Yes he did.” The words didn’t proceed from my lips as quickly this time, as I began to understand the depth of his questions.

Again, a period of silence.

“And his father?” 

I hung my head and nodded.

He never asked the final question.

He didn’t want to embarrass me. . . 


Yes. I jolted out of bed this morning at 4:39 asking a series of seemingly important questions. But when the final question came to mind, I recognized God was doing some renovating of His own.


But how can they call on Him to save them unless they believe in Him? And how can they believe in Him if they have never heard about Him? And how can they hear about Him unless someone tells them. And how will anyone go and tell them without being sent? That is why the Scriptures say, “How beautiful are the feet of messengers who bring good news!”

Romans 10:14-15, NLT