A coincidence or a God incident…

Lord, I’m gonna need You to perk me up…

Not the best prayer I’ve ever uttered—if you can rank prayers—but completely heartfelt. After all, the Word says to “Cast our cares on Him, because He cares for us” (I Peter 5:7).

Embarking on a 10-hour road trip by myself after a night of limited sleep, and a late-in-the-day departure, I recognized the challenge before me: stay awake; stay alert. Adding to the complexity, it was a Sunday afternoon—that time of the week when my body routinely required a nap.

I was coasting along just fine when about 4 hours into the journey the interstate traffic slowed to a crawl. A construction zone. Oh boy. Here we go. This is going to take forever! I leaned back into the headrest and sighed deeply. My body began thinking it was time for the programmed nap. As we crept along at a snail’s pace, I became more and more lethargic. Just then, something caught my eye. I looked to the right. The car beside me began rolling down their back window. A face emerged, then frantic waving ensued. 

“Katie?!?!” It was my daughter-in-law!!! I rolled my window down and after we both stopped screaming, we began a conversation. 

“What are you doing here?!”

“Where are you going?!”

“What are the odds that we’d meet like this?!”

Traffic began picking up and so we were forced to end our fun encounter.  But I found myself full of energy—smiling and rehashing the event. 


What were the odds? I thought. 

And then it dawned on me…this was not a coincidence. This was a God incident! A creative answer to a simple prayer. God perked me up. Even as I drove the last several hours, I  randomly thought of Katie’s smiling face, her exuberant waving—and literally would laugh out loud. 

Mission accomplished. I made it safe and sound from point A to point B that day, fully awake and fully alert. And it was great seeing Katie! But the best part of the day was seeing my God…my personal, loving, creative God. He’s true to His Word—caring for me as I cast my cares on Him. 

What cares do you have today? Why don’t you utter a prayer and experience God’s care up close and personal?

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