About LeAnne

LeAnne is an author & speaker who empowers spiritually hungry Christians to explore the Bible for themselves, discovering God’s truth to unleash exponential growth.

Hello. I’m LeAnne.

I’m probably not too different from you—balancing a variety of roles and feeling like I’m floundering with most. But I’ve got a big God who loves taking the weak and ordinary and infusing them with His might. Through God’s power, I’m an author and speaker and have been a Bible teacher for nearly three decades.

A few personal details about me:

• I was born and raised in Michigan—a Yankee-gone-Southern girl…
• I graduated from Milligan College in east Tennessee. It’s there where I fell in love with the mountains and my man.
• Ron and I have been married 28 years and have a two kids, a daughter-in- law, and a dog. Although that’s not the order we acquired them!
• We’ve lived in Turkey. You’ll hear a lot about that if you read any of my books, blogs, or listen to my teaching. Those who know me well are groaning about now…
• I’m currently navigating the empty-nest stage of life. Quite honestly, it stinks—but I’m confident it will get better!
• I’m pathetic at maintaining healthy eating and exercise routines. My latest attempts at getting fit include a green smoothie cleanse and a stability ball. Today is Day One. Tomorrow will probably be Day One too.
• Things I enjoy: laughing, spending time with my family, European River cruises (who wouldn’t enjoy those!?), home decorating, fashion, and Hand & Foot (it’s a card game…and I’m addicted.)
• My passions include Jesus, His Word, His church, and Reba (the TV show). Please don’t judge.

Here’s my passion:

Years ago I realized my spiritual growth had been limited because I was relying on other people to feed me. An amazing group of ladies at our church taught me how to study the Bible on my own and effectively set my life on a different trajectory! Did they expect me to be a Bible scholar? No. Did they require that I have a large library of Christian resources to draw from? No. Instead, they introduced me to a method I use to this day—it’s called inductive study. Through it, I’ve learned that everything I need in order to understand God’s Word comes directly from the Bible itself and the leading of the Holy Spirit.

Bible study intimidates a lot of people. We think we need a seminary degree or plenty of scholarly resources to be able to understand what God has said in His Word. But I believe, Bible study should be a no-fear proposition, accessible to all.

I’d love for you to join me in studying the Scripture. It’s imperative that we explore the depths of its truth, and I’m confident knowing His Word will unleash exponential growth in our relationship with the Living God.

“…for you have exalted above all things your name and your word.”
Psalm 138:2


LeAnne was an outstanding speaker at our women's retreat! Her messages have the perfect balance of motivation, humor, strong biblical teaching, and practical application. Her sweet and gentle spirit and fun girl attitude is refreshing and relatable to all women--young and young at heart.


You're anointed and you're funny and you're 'Obscure No More' to me.