A Cup of Comfort:
Book of Bible Promises

God keeps his promises.

God enters into a covenant with every one of us, and promises fruitful rewards to those of us who remain true to our pledge. The Bible is filled with these divine commitments–and in A Cup of Comfort Book of Bible Promises, you’ll not only find the promises, but also true stories of Christians whose lives have been changed as a result of fulfilling them.

These encouraging, faith-affirming accounts reveal how we can seek trust and comfort in the Lord’s words, seeing us through trying times. A Cup of Comfort Book of Bible Promises celebrates the success of fulfilled covenants–and delivers hope to those who find strength and inspiration in all the books of the Bible.

LeAnne’s story “Tarantulas and Chocolate Chip Cookies” is one of several faith-affirming accounts contained in this compilation book that is part of a national bestselling series. In A Cup of Comfort Book of Bible Promises you’ll discover God’s words of promise are as relevant today as they were when first written thousands of years ago. And you’ll be inspired to find the Bible promises that speak to you–and transform your own life in the process.