Obscure No More:

Life-Shaping Lessons from the Often Overlooked


Living in obscurity.

Jael. Adonijah. Amos. Deborah. These are not the larger-than-life Bible heroes who are so well known. Some of these characters are even… obscure. Yet God preserved their stories for a reason.

In Obscure No More, you’ll discover the significance of ten often-overlooked characters by seeing how they connect to your story today. By looking into their stories, God will open your mind and heart to the powerful things He wants to do in you–even if you would deem your life “obscure.”


Each chapter of this 8-week Bible study weaves together a lesser-known story from Scripture with contemporary narrative and uses a four-day inductive Bible study method for a deep look at Scripture:

• Read 8 lesser-known historical accounts
• Relate to the culture and context of God’s Word
• Reflect on these characters’ lives so you can live out God’s principles
• Remember the lessons through simple memorization and compelling narrative

Through simple Bible study methods and compelling narrative, this study allows you to take a look at your world through the lens of their lives and encourages you to take the next step to make your life story–obscure or not–meaningful for God.